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The Trump Impeachment Catch and Kill Scam


I strongly oppose impeaching President Donald Trump for the foreseeable future.

By impeaching Trump, members of the US House of Representatives would become unwitting dupes in the unfolding Trump impeachment catch and kill scam.

What does catch and kill have to do with Trump’s possible impeachment? 

Simply put, the large majority of Republican Senators do not have the remotest intention of ever impeaching Trump for almost anything. If the House “catches” the current allegations against Trump by impeaching him, Republican Senators will quickly and efficiently “kill” the impeachment with a “not guilty” verdict.

If Trump does something more blatant in the future, such as pardoning criminals and witnesses in order to compound his obstruction of a Congressional investigation and to further his cover up, then the House may need to actually move forward with impeachment at that time. But impeachment should be an absolutely last resort.

When Trump responds to House investigations with obstruction, covering up, and refusing to allow witnesses to testify, the House needs to use its historical and Constitutional power to compel testimony. The House can issue substantial fines each time a witness refuses to testify after being properly subpoenaed. The House could also send its sergeant-at-arms to arrest witnesses and hold them in confinement. 

You can read more about my position on Trump's possible impeachment in my article published on Medium at the following link:


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