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My name is Travis Oler, and I am a candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives for Bingham County, Legislative District 31, Seat B.   

I am a US Army veteran who grew up in Bingham County on a family farm and graduated from Shelley High School in 1989.

I am currently a small business owner and family farm manager. I split my time between managing the family farm in Shelley, Idaho, and running my Internet marketing business.

I have filed for election as a state representative for Bingham County in the District 31B seat, running against incumbent Julianne Young. 

I am running on a platform of common sense, opposing Julianne Young’s conspiracy nonsense.

While in Boise, Representative Young has consistently sought more top-down state control of Idaho local governments. That's not common sense, and Julianne's actions are being driven by conspiracy nonsense!

Julianne Young voted for House Bill 393 that would remove the election slots in March and August that are currently available for local school boards to request levies.  The Idaho School Boards Association opposes HB 393 because those election dates are strategically located to help fix budget shortfalls after they have been identified but before budgets need to be finalized for the upcoming school year.

Young voted for HB 347, which would prevent school boards from requesting a levy for a similar subject more than once in 11 months. In other words, if a levy fails and the school board adjusts the levy based on voter feedback and wants to come back with a better proposal several months later, too bad! Under HB 347, that money would be lost for an entire year, and so would the educational opportunities for Idaho’s children.

As her votes on HB 393 and HB 347 show, Young does not care about adequately funding Bingham County schools, but I am confident that the large majority of Bingham County voters do care greatly about their neighborhood schools, and voters should forcefully oppose Young’s attempts to tie our school boards’ hands.

For example, both of the levies on the ballot in Bingham County passed on March 10, 2020, with over 60% approval, but if HB 393 were already law then those levies would not even have been allowed to be on the ballot then. I ask all of you who voted for those levies to vote for me in November so that Julianne Young cannot find a way to undo your votes with more Boise legislation.

Julianne Young recently voted for HB 409, which would freeze non-school local government spending for one year. Curiously, HB 409 would not freeze property tax increases at all, just local government spending. So at the same time when the state of Idaho is adding $2 million to combat the novel coronavirus and the federal government authorized $8 billion to do the same, Julianne Young voted to tie our local governments up in red tape and prevent them from being able to fully respond to this looming emergency. Luckily, the Idaho Senate recently killed HB 409. Good riddance!

When HB 409 came before the Idaho House, our local Bingham County officials tried to persuade Young to oppose it. According to an article in the Bingham County Chronicle, Blackfoot Mayor Marc Carroll told Young, “I’m concerned in the services that we’ll be able to provide.” Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair complained that a freeze is actually a cut because local governments won’t be able to keep up with expenses. Bair also told Young, “You’re tying our hands.” 

Instead of listening to Blackfoot’s mayor and her county commissioner and working with them, Young talked down to them and blithely continued her efforts to micromanage Bingham County local governments from her perch in Boise.

Why is Young so obsessed with working against Bingham County local government leaders?

Simply put, she believes that many of our local government leaders right here in Bingham County have been trained by a global Conspiracy to take away Bingham County residents’ Constitutional rights. And she believes our local government leaders are gullible enough and stupid enough to blindly follow this training supposedly given by the global Conspiracy.

Don't believe this? You can scroll down and click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page to hear Julianne Young's words yourself.

Young has been heavily involved with the wacky Freedom First Society, an offshoot of the radical John Birch Society, whose founder believed President Eisenhower was a Communist agent and part of a global Conspiracy. The Freedom First Society was co-founded by a previous leader of the John Birch Society.

In fact, the Freedom First Society seems to believe that almost everyone except the Freedom First Society itself is either a willing participant in or unwittingly duped by the global Conspiracy. According to publications of the Freedom First Society, participants in this global Conspiracy include “all viable presidential candidates,” Fox News, many of President Donald Trump’s appointees, and apparently Donald Trump himself because Donald Trump renegotiated NAFTA rather than withdrawing from NAFTA.

Representative Young, in a video made by the Freedom First Society, wildly claims that the National Association of Counties (NACo) is also part of the global Conspiracy, and Young said that NACo, “trains all of my local elected officials before they ever set foot in the courthouse in their new official capacity.”

Every single county in Idaho is a member of NACo, but Young would have us believe that large numbers of Idaho’s county commissioners in both the Republican and Democratic parties have been utterly fooled into participating in the global Conspiracy.

Who exactly has prevented our Bingham County officials from carrying out their duties until they have been trained by NACo to follow the dictates of the global Conspiracy, as Julianne Young claims? And which Bingham County officials have submitted to indoctrination by the global Conspiracy? Young gives no explanation in her video, and I doubt Young will ever be able to answer these questions. But because Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair of Firth is the Idaho representative to NACo, logically Young should be very suspicious of Mark Bair and seek to thwart him at every turn.

Bingham County needs a state representative in District 31 who will work with our local officials, not work against them due to a delusional belief that our local officials are part of a global Conspiracy.

Bingham County voters deserve a state representative who will listen to them, not talk down to them or lecture them about a global Conspiracy.

Please vote for Travis Oler and against Julianne Young in the upcoming election for Bingham County’s Idaho State Representative for Seat 31B.

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Monday, May 25, 2020 9:37 PM

Memorial Day Message


I served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged in 2004, and for years I have been a volunteer adult leader and merit badge counselor for local chapters of the Boy Scouts of America.

My experiences with the U.S. Army and the Boy Scouts of America inform the opinions I hold today as a candidate for public office.

My favorite 1st Class requirement of the Boy Scouts of America instructs the scouts to “discuss . . . the constitutional rights and obligations of a U.S. citizen.”

We as U.S. citizens have constitutional rights, but we also have constitutional obligations. There are people in this country who like to talk about their constitutional rights but who forget their constitutional duties. But I am confident that my former scouts will not be among that number that forget or ignore their constitutional duties.

Over and over again, I would emphasize to the scouts in my care that freedom is not free, that if they enjoyed any right it was because someone else had sacrificed for that right or someone else had fulfilled their constitutional obligations in order to provide that right to them.

With the scouts watching, I would draw two columns on a chalk board, one labeled Rights and the other labeled Duties (or Obligations). For each and every right there would be a least one corresponding duty.

For example, we cannot obtain our right to a jury trial if no one is required to serve on the jury. The scouts would be amazed that all 12 jury members unanimously must declare a person guilty. The scouts would also be amazed to learn that they could be sent to prison if they refused to serve on a jury without a valid excuse--that was how important it is for a constitutional obligation to be fulfilled.

The scouts and I would discuss our rights as U.S. citizens to the pursuit of happiness and peaceable enjoyment of our property. But in the other column under Duties I would list the corresponding duty to obey the laws of the land and the duty for the 11-year-old boys to register for the Selective Service when they turned 18. For the large majority of boys, our discussion was the first time in their lives that they learned that they might be required to serve in the military and sacrifice their lives if their country needed them.

On this Memorial Day, I suggest to you that sacrificing to fulfill our constitutional obligations is what provides to ourselves and others the rights we all enjoy as U.S. citizens.

For example, although no one is legally obligated to run for public office, if elections remain consistently uncontested, then the right to vote has been largely taken away.

I am the first Democrat in the last 8 years to campaign for the Idaho state legislature in Bingham County. For the first time since 2012, when they go to the polls during a general election in November, the voters in Bingham County will be able to exercise their right to choose which one of two candidates they prefer to represent them in the Idaho legislature.

While I am not LEGALLY obligated to campaign for the Idaho legislature, I definitely feel MORALLY obligated to do so in order to provide the voters of Bingham County a more complete right to vote during the general election this November.

I am running to represent the voters of Bingham County, not to represent organizations with headquarters in Boise or Colorado or North Carolina or DC, etc. Over the course of the next several months if you come to believe that, I hope I can count on your vote in November.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020 2:53 PM

Mandatory Social Distancing Needed ASAP


Idaho has two choices: enforce mandatory social distancing measures now (which would hurt the economy), or enforce mandatory social distancing measures later, which could cause the needless deaths of hundreds of Idahoans (and which would still hurt the economy just as much or even more).

Many of Idaho’s government leaders, starting with Governor Little first and foremost, are choking when faced with making hard decisions to protect Idahoans from the coronavirus. Hopefully Governor Little reverses course soon before the damage from delaying mandatory social distancing multiplies exponentially.

Friday, March 13, 2020 2:51 PM

Travis Oler Discontinues US Senate Campaign and Runs for Idaho State Legislature

After careful consideration, I am suspending my campaign for US Senate and wholeheartedly endorsing Jim Vandermaas to become Idaho’s next US Senator. I will instead run to represent Bingham County in the Idaho State House of Representatives District 31, Seat B.


Friday, February 7, 2020 8:20 PM

Travis Oler Welcomes Paulette Jordan

I welcome Paulette Jordan to the race for US Senator for Idaho. Vigorous, fair, and legal competition is central to the American way of life in both business and politics, and no one should whine because someone else wants to compete or has an opposing view.

Friday, September 13, 2019 1:00 PM

Post Register Article

The Post Register interviewed US Senate candidate Travis Oler in the grain field on the tractor for the official start of his campaign.

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